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​2017 Call for Award Nominations

Click here to review the criteria and submit a nomination for one of the following awards, to be presented at the the 2017 NAEMSP Annual Meeting in New Orleans.
  • R​onald D. Stewart AwardThis award is given annually to a person who has made a lasting, major contribution to the national EMS community. 
  • Keith Neely Outstanding Contribution to EMS AwardThis award is presented to an active or past member of NAEMSP who has provided significant leadership to the association and is named after the late Keith Neely, the first non-physician member to serve on the NAEMSP Board of Directors.
  • Friends of EMS AwardThe Friends of EMS award is presented to an individual or organization that has been an advocate in furthering NAEMSP’s mission through influencing or implementing national public policy.  This year’s recipient was recognized for dedication and efforts to NAEMSP and the EMS community.​


2016 Award Winners


 NAEMSP® recognized the following individuals at our awards luncheon in San Diego in January 2016: 

Preside​nt's Awards

Darren Walter and ​Jose Cabanas

Darren Walter and Jose Cabanas worked together to create a brand new effort for our organization. Over the last year, they have attended innumerable conference calls and toiled late into many nights to create our International EMS Medical Director’s Course. This is the beginning of a rapidly expanding international outreach effort and we could not have gotten it off to a better start.


Julie Houle

Julie Houle developed creative partnerships and new initiatives to further our efforts in rural EMS.​



Ronald D. Stewart Award
Drew Dawson 

Drew Dawson is no stranger to NAEMSP. His decades of leadership in EMS both at the state as well as the federal level have created eno​rmous change in the practice of EMS medicine. As a former EMT, as a state EMS director, and as director of Office of EMS for NHTSA, he was instrumental in working with federal partners to provide coordinated support to the EMS community, both at the state and local level. When he recently retired, he said: “Our job here as one of the Federal agencies focused on EMS is to work on major projects to improve the care of patients throughout the nation. I never forget that the patients are at the center of everything we do."


​Justin Maloney 

Justin Maloney is one of the true pioneers and visionaries of EMS in Canada. Over his 25+ years as a medical director, his involvement in the creation of the Ontario 911 system, community PAD and CPR programs, specialty EMS teams, high school CPR programs, and promotion of cutting edge research he has driven lasting change not only in Canadian EMS but across the globe as well. 


Keith Neely Outstanding Contribution to EMS Award 

Alex Isakov


Alex Isakov was recognized for his tireless work to improve the EMS community’s preparedness and competency to manage and transport patients with serious communicable diseases and for his leadership at NAEMSP and nationally on this subject.



Friends of EMS Award

 NAEMT has been a leader for decades representing EMS providers, providing creative and much needed education, advocating with our political leaders, and creating the vision for the future of EMS. This organization has been a valued partner to NAEMSP in furthering our mission of providing leadership and fostering excellence in the subspecialty of EMS Medicine.



2016 Abstract Award Winners



Best Scientific Presentation

Comparison of the Performance of Prehospital Systolic Blood Pressure Versus Calculated Mean Arterial Pressure in Predicting Mortality in Major Traumatic Brain Injury

Daniel W Spaite, Arizona Emergency Medicine Research Center, University of Arizona; Chengcheng Hu; Bentley J Bobrow; Vatsal Chikani; Duane Sherrill; Bruce  Barnhart; Joshua B Gaither; Kurt R Denninghoff; Chad Viscusi; Terry Mullins; Rogelio Martinez; P David Adelson


Best Student/Resident/Fellow Research Presentation

Evaluating The Cost and Utility of Mandating Schools to Stock Epinephrine Auto-Injectors

Chelsea Steffens, Chicago Medical School; Benjamin D Clement; William Fales; Robert Swor




Best EMS Professional Research Presentation

Can Paramedics Draw Uncontaminated Blood Cultures Prior to Prehospital Antibiotic Administration?

Jason G Walchok, Greenville County EMS; Martin E Lutz; Colt F Shope; Greta Gue'; Douglas Furmanek; Ronald G Pirrallo; Aaron C Dix  




Best Poster Abstract Presentation

True Public Access Defibrillator Coverage Is Overestimated

Christopher L F Sun, University of Toronto; Derya Demirtaş; Steven C Brooks; Laurie J Morrison; Timothy C Y Chan  


Best Cardiac Arrest Presentation

 Sponsored by ZOLL 

Effect of an Impedance Threshold Device on ETCO2 in Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest in a System Using Modified Minimally Interrupted CPR with Controlled Rate

David G Chase, Ventura County Fire Department, Ventura County Medical Center, Ventura City Fire Department; Chad Panke; Robin Shedlosky; Scott Zeller; Angelo A Salvucci


Best Disaster Presentation 

Sponsored by National Disaster Life Support Foundation 

Serious Play: Feedback to Improve a Disaster Triage Video Game

Thomas P Aviles, Yale University; Marc Auerbach; Mark X Cicero



Best Pediatric Presentation 

Prehospital Intubation in the Pediatric Patient across an Entire State

r T Higgins, Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center; Robert Nelson; Simon Mahler; Stacie  Zelman; James  Winslow; William  Bozeman



History of Award Winners


President's Award Winners
Jose Cabanas --2016
Darren Walter -- 2016
Julie Houle -- 2016

Ronald D. Stewart Award Winners
Drew Dawson -- 2016
Justin Maloney -- 2016
Robert O'Connor, MD -- 2015
Norman M. Dinerman, MD -- 2014
Jeff Clawson, MD -- 2013
William Brown, RN, NREMT-P -- 2012
Debra Perina, MD -- 2011
Daniel Spaite, MD -- 2010
William W. Jermyn, DO -- 2009
Roger White, MD -- 2008
Edward J. Cain, MD -- 2007
Mickey Eisenberg, MD -- 2006
Dan Storer -- 2005
James O. Page, JD -- 2004
Jon Krohmer, MD -- 2003
Michael Copass, MD -- 2002
Leonard Cobb -- 2002
Norm McSwain, MD-- 2001
John Campbell, MD -- 2001
Bob Bailey -- 2000
Eugene Nagel, MD -- 1998
Ricardo Martinez, MD -- 1997
Nicholas Benson, MD -- 1996
John Chew -- 1995
National Association of State EMS Directors -- 1994
Paul Paris, MD -- 1993
Stan Zydlow, MD -- 1992
National EMS Medical Directors Course Faculty -- 1991
Paul Pepe, MD -- 1990
Marvin Birnbaum, MD -- 1989
Senator Alan Cranston -- 1988
Leonard A. Cobb, MD -- 1987

Keith Neely Outstanding Contribution to EMS Award Winners

 Alex Isakov, MD -- 2016
Marcus Ong, MD, MPH and Sang Do Shin, MD -- 2015
Michael Levy, MD -- 2014
E. Brooke Lerner, PhD -- 2013
James Menegazzi, PhD -- 2012
Brian Schwartz, MD -- 2011
Robert E. O’Connor, MD, MPH -- 2009
Beth Adams, MA, RN, NREMT-P -- 2008
Julette Saussy, MD -- 2007
David Persse, MD-- 2007
Lawrence Brown, EMT-P -- 2006
Raymond Fowler, MD -- 2005
Richard Hunt, MD -- 2004
Robert A. Swor, DO -- 2002

Keith Neely -- 2001 -- this award was originally called the NAEMSP Outstanding Contribution Award -- the name changed in 2002 honoring Keith after his death.

Friends of EMS Award Winners

 NAEMT -- 2016
Bryan McNally, CARES -- 2015
Physio-Control -- 2014
Kevin McGinnis, NASEMSO -- 2013
Richard Hunt, MD -Centers for Disease Control -- 2012
Gary Freeman - ZOLL -- 2011
William Ball - GM OnStar -- 2010
Susan McHenry, MS – NHTSA -- 2009
Dan Kavanaugh, MSW - EMSC -- 2008
Richard H. Carmona, MD -- 2007
The Laerdal Family -- 2005
Jeff Runge -- 2004
Drew Dawson - NHTSA -- 2003
Jeff Michael, PhD - NHTSA -- 2002
U.S. Senator Richard Shelby -- 2001