National Association of EMS Physicians.®


The NAEMSP Indiana Chapter charter was approved by the NAEMSP Board of Directors October, 2017​.​  Click​ here for press release.


President – Michael Kaufmann, MD
Vice-President – Dan O'Donnell, MD
Secretary/Treasurer – Jan Kornilow, MD
Member at Large – Michael Gamble, MD
Member at Large – Keith Sherry, MD​

Charter members:
  • Sara Brown, MD
  • Michael Gamble, MD
  • Stephanie Gardner, MD
  • Kailyn Kahre, MD
  • Michael Kaufmann, MD
  • Jan Kornilow, MD
  • Daniel O'Donnell, MD
  • Jonathan Schmitz, MD
  • Keith Sherry, MD
  • Brian Thomas
  • John Zartman