National Association of EMS Physicians.®

​​FAEMSPin.jpgFellow of the ​Academy of Emergency Medical Services (FAEMS)

The application period for 2017 is now closed. ​

FAEMS was established in ​2016 to honor NAEMSP® members who have made special contributions to the Association and the subspecialty of EMS Medicine. 

This important designation, FAEMS™, speaks to contributions to NAEMSP® and highlights commitment to the advancement and refinement of EMS Medicine.​

The next application process opens in March, 2018.

The Review Committee convenes annually in August to review applications received from the deadline of one application period to the next.  To be considered to be inducted at the 2019 annual meeting, please see the criteria below; the application form will be available again soon.​

1 - Only the member-appropriate online applications will be accepted. Submission of incorrect form for member type will nullify application.
2 - CV's are NOT accepted as supporting documentation.


Professional Members
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Physician Members
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