EMS Fellowship Programs

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StateAccreditation Program​ NameDirectorNumber of Positions Per YearSalaryApplication Deadline
ArizonaContinued 9-16-2016University of Arizona EMS FellowshipDr. Joshua Gaither140k-60kMarch 1
CaliforniaContinued 1-12-2017Harbor-UCLA Medical CenterNichole Bosson, MD, MPH180k-100kSeptember 1
CaliforniaContinued 1-12-2017University of California, San Diego Medical CenterChristopher Kahn140k-60kOpen
CaliforniaContinued 1-12-2017UCSF EMS and Disaster MedicineJohn Brown140k-60kOctober 1
CaliforniaContinued 1-12-2017LAC + USC EMS FellowshipMarc Eckstein, MD1100k 
CaliforniaInitial 4-6-2017Stanford/Kaiser PermanenteGregory H. Gilbert, MD1>100kMarch 1
ColoradoContinued 1-12-2017Denver EMS FellowshipAaron Eberhardt260k-80kRolling
ConnecticutContinued 9-16-2016Yale UniversityDavid C. Cone, MD180k-100kNone
FloridaContinued 1-12-2017University of Florida EMS FellowshipJason M. Jones, MD253,714November
FloridaContinued 4-6-2017USF Emergency Medical Services FellowshipRachel Semmons, MD160k-80kRolling/ December 1
FloridaContinued 1-12-2017Orlando Regional Medical Center/Orange County EMSGeorge Ralls, MD1$62,000November
GeorgiaContinued 9-16-2016Emory UniversityAlexander Isakov, MD, MPH180k-100kMarch 1
GeorgiaContinued 1-12-2017Georgia Health Sciences University/ MCG EMS and Operational Medicine FellowshipCOL (RET) John McManus, MD, MBA, MCR160k-80kTBD
IllinoisInitial 9-14-2017University of Chicago EMS FellowshipKatie Tataris MD, MPH160-70KNovember 1
IndianaContinued 1-12-2017Indiana University School of Medicine Out of Hospital Care FellowshipDaniel O'Donnell, MD1PGY 4January
IowaInitial 9-14-2017University of Iowa Hospitals and ClinicsAzeemuddin Ahmed, MD, MBA   
KentuckyInitial 7-1-2016University of LouisvilleTimothy G. Price, MD157,771Rolling
MarylandContinued 9-14-2017The Johns Hopkins UniversityNelson Tang, MD160k-80kNovember 1
MassachusettsInitial 7-1-2016Boston EMSRicky Kue, MD, MPH, FACEP169kRolling
MassachusettsContinued 1-12-2017Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center/ Harvard Affiliated EMS FellowshipDr. Edward Ullman1 November 1
MassachusettsContinued 1-12-2017University of Massachusetts Medical School EMSStacy Weisberg, MD, MPH, FAEMS280k-100kDecember 15
MichiganContinued 1-12-2017Central Michigan University EMS FellowshipNoel Wagner, MD, NRP, FAEMS2PGY-4Flexible
MichiganContinued 1-12-2017Wayne State University/City of Detroit EMS DivisionRobert B. Dunne, MD, FACEP1PGY-4December 1
MichiganContinued 9-16-2016Western Michigan University, Homer Stryker M.D. School of MedicineWilliams Fales, MD, FACEP2PGY-4Rolling
MinnesotaContinued 1-12-2017Regions Hospital EMSAaron Burnett, MD1 Rolling
MinnesotaInitial 7-1-2014Hennepin County Medical Center EMSJeffrey Ho, MD1PGY-4Rolling
MississippiInitial 9-16-2016University of Mississippi Medical Center EMS FellowshipL. Kendall McKenzie, MD1PGY-4Open
MissouriContinued 1-12-2017Washington University in St. Louis-Fellowship in EMSSabina Braithwaite, MD, MPH, NRP, FACEP, FAEMS3PGY-4 or PGY-5October 15
New JerseyContinued 9-14-2017Cooper University HospitalRick Hong, MD276kRolling
New JerseyContinued 1-12-2017New Jersey Fellowship at Barnabas Health/Newark Beth Israel Medical CenterDr. Mark A. Merlin280kDecember 31
New MexicoContinued 1-12-2017University of New Mexico (Facebook page)Chelsea C. White IV, MD3



November 1
New YorkInitial 4-21-2016Albany Medical CenterMichael W. Dailey, MD   
New YorkContinued 1-12-2017University at BuffaloBrian Clemency, DO, MBA, FACEP2PGY4Rolling
New YorkContinued 1-12-2017New York City Fire Department/LIJ Medical CenterDouglas A. Isaacs, MD2CompetitiveOctober 1
New YorkContinued 1-12-2017SUNY Upstate Medical UniversityDerek R. Cooney, MD, FF/NREMT-P, FACEP180k-100kFebruary 1
North CarolinaContinued 1-12-2017Carolinas Medical Center Department of Emergency Medicine Center for Prehospital Medicine


Douglas Swanson, MD

North CarolinaContinued 1-12-2017Vidant Medical Center / East Carolina UniversityTheodore Delbridge, MD, MPH160k-80kDecember 1
North CarolinaContinued 1-12-2017University of North CarolinaJane H. Brice MD, MPH180k-100kNovember 15
North CarolinaInitial 4-21-2016Wake Forest Department of Emergency MedicineRobert D. Nelson, MD1>100kNovember 30
OhioInitial 4-6-2017University Hospitals Cleveland Medical CenterJeffrey Luk, MD, MS2Commensurate with PGY LevelRolling
OhioContinued 9-16-2016University of CincinnatiJason McMullan, MD3100kNovember 30
OhioContinued 1-12-2017The Ohio State UniversityAshish Panchal, MD, PhD1 November 1
PennsylvaniaInitial 7-1-2015Penn State Hershey EMS FellowshipJeffrey Lubin, MD, MPH280k-100kOpen
PennsylvaniaContinued 1-12-2017University of Pittsburgh EMS FellowshipRonald N. Roth, MD260k-80kOctober 1
Rhode IslandInitial 7-1-2014Fellowship in EMS at BrownKenneth A. Williams, MD2PGY levelNovember
South CarolinaContinued 9-14-2017Palmetto Health Richland/University of South CarolinaWilliam C. Gerard, MD, MMM. FACEP, EMT-P160k-80kNovember 1
TennesseeContinued 9-16-2016The University of Tennessee - UTCOM - EMS FellowshipRon Buchheit, MD1PGY-4December
TennesseeInitial 4-21-2016Vanderbilt University Medical Center - EMS FellowshipCorey M. Slovis, MD , FACP, FACEP, FAAEM1PGY-4September 1
TexasContinued 1-12-2017Military EMS and Disaster Medicine Fellowship ProgramCol (Dr) Chetan U. Kharod4Full military salaryOctober 1
TexasContinued 1-12-2017University of Texas Health Science Center at San AntonioCraig Cooley, MD, MPH, EMT-P, FACEP2PGY4March 1
TexasContinued 1-12-2017UT Health EMS Fellowship ProgramKevin J. Schulz, MD1 November 20
TexasContinued 1-12-2017University of Texas Southwestern-Emergency Medical Services FellowshipKathy J. Rinnert, MD, MPH180k-90kFall
VirginiaInitial 4-21-2016Virginia Commonwealth UniversityJeffrey Ferguson, MD, FACEP, NRP2PGY 4-5January 30
VirginiaContinued 1-12-2017University of Virginia EMS Fellowship ProgramDebra Perina180k-100kMarch 1
VirginiaContinued 9-14-2017Virginia Tech - Carilion Emergency Medical Services FellowshipStephen C. Ausband, M.D. FACEP1$54,642 - $59,708Continuous
WashingtonContinued 9-16-2016University of Washington EMS FellowshipMichael Sayre, MD1PGY 4 or 5November 1
WisconsinContinued 1-12-2017Medical College of WisconsinM. Riccardo Colella, DO, MPH, FACEP160k-80kOctober 1​

StateAccreditation Program NameDirectorNumber of Positions Per YearSalaryApplication Deadline
ArizonaNoMaricopa EMS/Resuscitation Science FellowshipDr. Bentley Bobrow140k-60kMarch 1
CaliforniaNoUCI Emergency Medical Services FellowshipCarl H. Schultz, MD280k-100kDecember 31
CaliforniaNoUC Irvine International Disaster Medical Sciences & EMS FellowshipKristi L. Koenig, MD, FACEP, FIFEM1-3<40kvariable
CaliforniaNoLoma Linda University Medical CenterJeff T. Grange, MD, FACEP140k-60kMarch 1
DelawareNoChristiana CareRobert Rosenbaum160k-80kDecember 1
MarylandNoUniversity of MarylandDebra Lee, MD1-290k-100k 
NevadaNoUniversity of Nevada School of MedicineBryan E. Bledsoe, DO, FACEP, FAAEM, EMT-P260k-80kMarch 1
New JerseyNoMorristown Medical Center (Atlantic Ambulance/Emergency Medical Associates)Erin Peek1-280kRolling
North CarolinaNoDuke University Pre-Hospital and Disaster MedicineEric Ossmann; Matt Bitner 40k-60kRolling
OhioNoSumma Institute of EMS/International EMS FellowshipFrancis Mencl2>100kOpen
OklahomaNoMorningstar Prehospital and Disaster Medicine Fellowship ProgramDavid E. Hogan DO MPH FACEP1>100kNone
PennsylvaniaNoAllegheny General HospitalJohn Cole, MD180k-100kApril 1
PennsylvaniaNoConemaugh Memorial - Osteopathic EMS FellowshipNeil Yoder, DO280k 
PennsylvaniaNoDrexel University College of Medicine EMS FellowshipBohdan "Dan" M. Minczak MD, PhD 1 April 1
PennsylvaniaNoTemple University HospitalErnest Yeh, MD180k-100kNovember 15
TexasNoScott and White / Texas A & M Health Science Center College of MedicineRobert D. Greenberg, MD, FACEP180k-100kFlexible
UtahNoUniversity of UtahScott McIntosh280k-100kJanuary 1
Washington DCNoGeorge Washington UniversityBruno Petinaux, MD FACEP160k-80kOpen

CountryAccreditation Program NameDirectorNumber of Positions Per YearSalaryApplication Deadline
CanadaNoDalhousie University Division of EMS, EMS FellowshipDr Alix Carter180k-100kRolling
CanadaNoUniversity of Toronto Emergency Fellowship ProgramsDr. Russell D. MacDonald10k-80kSeptember 1