National Association of EMS Physicians.®

NAEMSP® Communities are now available!  NAEMSP® Communities are a new way for NAEMSP® members to share information with and ask questions of other members.​
Located in the Members’ Only section of the NAEMSP®website, it will require you to log in as a member (first initial + last initial + five-digit NAEMSP member ID).
Before you utilize NAEMSP® Communities, please be aware of the User Guidelines for doing so. Thank you for keeping professionalism in mind.
NAEMSP® Communities: 
  • General NAEMSP® Community (includes all NAEMSP® members)
  • NAEMSP® Committee Forums
How do I sign up (subscribe)?  
NAEMSP® members are subscribed to the General NAEMSP® Community and to the NAEMSP® Communities for any Committee in which they have indicated an interest. 
  • To access NAEMSP® Communities, simply sign in to the Members Only section (first initial + last initial + five-digit NAEMSP® member ID)
  • Click on the "NAEMSP® Communities" link at the top of the page
  • Then click “Communities List” on the left side of the page.  
  • Once there, you can peruse the available NAEMSP® Communities.  
Any member may start a new topic on one of these NAEMSP® Communities.  You can then follow a topic by subscribing to it.
All NAEMSP® Communities, including individual Committee Communities, are open to all NAEMSP® members.  A list of members subscribed to each NAEMSP® Community will appear on the lower right section of your screen when you enter an NAEMSP® Community. To join a Committee Communitiy to which you are not already subscribed, simply click on the Committee Community you would like to join (it may take a moment for it to load), then click "subscribe" on the left side of your screen.
How does it work?
Once subscribed, you will be able to interact with other NAEMSP® members by posting questions/comments pertaining to your area of practice.  You can format the text of a posting (bold, underline or color for emphasis).  NAEMSP® Communities also allows you to attach documents for reference to a topic.

When an item is posted, all members subscribed to that NAEMSP® Community will receive an email alert. To reply to the post, click on the link in the email notification.  This will take you to the NAEMSP® website.  If you are already logged in, you will be taken directly to NAEMSP® Communities, otherwise you will be asked to log in.   
To remove yourself from a specific NAEMSP® Community, simply select an NAEMSP® Communities, then click "unsubscribe".
Any questions?  Please contact the NAEMSP®Executive Office.