National Association of EMS Physicians.®
A National Strategy to Promote Prehospital
Evidence-Based Guideline (EBG)
Development, Implementation and Evaluation
Project Mission
This strategy document intends to engage national EMS stakeholder organizations in a sustainable process that promotes the development and implementation of evidence-based guidelines for prehospital care in the United States.
Project Overview
In August 2013, NHTSA awarded a 2-year cooperative agreement to NAEMSP to develop a National Prehospital Evidence-Based Guideline Strategy.  NAEMSP identified a project lead and steering committee to facilitate this effort and began by identifying representatives from EMS stakeholder organizations to participate in development of the Strategy.  A 1-day national meeting with broad participation of EMS stakeholders was held to perform a needs assessment and seek input and collaboration for determining the best practices and approach for EBG development and implementation.  EMS stakeholders were engaged through subsequent conference calls to further develop elements of the Strategy.  This Strategy document was written by members of the steering committee with input from a variety of EMS stakeholder representatives.
Project Objectives
  1. Identify and develop mechanisms to build and sustain relationships among EMS stakeholder organizations and encourage their participation in the development, implementation and evaluation of EMS EBGs;
  2. Expand existing opportunities to conduct scientific research supporting the development, implementation and evaluation of EBGs; 
  3. Identify ways to promote interest in EBG development; 
  4. Identify pathways to promote the incorporation of newly developed EBGs into EMS education standards, the National Scope of Practice Model, and continued competency training; 
  5. Promote the dissemination and implementation of EBGs.
  6. Identify ways to promote standardized evaluation methods to assess the effectiveness of EBGs; and
  7. Promote funding for the development, implementation and evaluation of EBGs. 
Principal Investigator
Christian Martin-Gill, MD, MPH (University of Pittsburgh)
Steering Committee
Blair Bigham, MSc, ACPf (St. Michael’s Hospital)
Joshua B. Gaither, MD (University of Arizona)
Douglas F. Kupas, MD (Geisinger Health System)
J. Brent Myers, MD, MPH (Wake County Dept. of Emergency Medical Services)
Daniel W. Spaite, MD (University of Arizona)
Cathy S. Gotschall, ScD (NHTSA Contracting Officer Technical Representative)
Project Materials
  • National Strategy for Prehospital EBGs (Link to final document pending)
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