National Association of EMS Physicians®
 Ritu Sahni, MD, MPH 
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As many of you know NAEMSP® is celebrating its 30th Anniversary this year. When Bob Bass, Ray Fowler and others held a small meeting of physicians interested in EMS medical direction, there was little thought that this group would develop into the national organization that NAEMSP® has become. What is even more astounding is that Ray Fowler had a laptop 30 years ago! Thankfully, many attendees of that meeting and in some of the early years are still members today.
In this time of looking forward, it is also important that we reflect back. As a young specialty, we are lucky. Many of our founding leaders and members are still active in the field and the Association. Many have held leadership positions in the Association, major EMS systems and the Federal Government. It is important that we draw the collective knowledge of these members as we plot our future steps in this changing healthcare world. We can learn from their mistakes (again I am talking about Fowler) as well as their triumphs. This specialty exists because of the groundwork laid by our 25-year members. As Fellowships have sprouted and more Fellows attend our conference, it is a great opportunity for the next generation of EMS Physicians to interact with and learn from the founding generation.

NAEMSP ® will be honoring those who have been a member for at least 25 continuous years. 25-year members will receive a commemorative lapel pin and recognition in the NAEMSP® News (See page 3). They will, of course, receive a special ribbon to wear on their name badge at the conference (unless you subscribe to Dave Cone’s one ribbon rule!) and finally, they will receive a $25 discount on membership. This is all a small token that we can give in recognition of years of dedication and laying the groundwork that has created our subspecialty. Finally, I leave our membership with a challenge. At our next conference, seek out a member with a 25-year ribbon, buy them a beverage and ask for their thoughts and reflection on the future of EMS.

 -- Ritu