National Association of EMS Physicians.®
 J Brent Myers, MD, MPH 
The National Association of EMS Physicians® is functioning in fine form.

It was my privilege to assume the Presidency from Dr. Jane Brice, who was very successful in many ways, particularly as it relates to her two main goals of cultivating internal leaders within our organization and of increasing our international presence.  Due to the outstanding work of many of our members under her leadership, the organization is on extraordinarily firm footing from a financial, leadership, and scholarly perspective.

NAEMSP® has an incredibly active board of directors and enthusiastic, motivated chairs and vice-chairs who lead outstanding committees.  Dr. Mike Levy and the Finance Committee have followed Dr. Tan's excellent example and left our organization in wonderful financial shape, allowing us to carry out our mission with no increase in dues or annual meeting registration fees this year!

NAEMSP continues to be a truly outstanding organization.  The contribution of each member is certainly appreciated, as is the tireless work of the committee chairs.  The accomplishments are literally too numerous to list here; a few highlights are offered:

​Highlights from 2017
  • The 2017 Annual Meeting was a huge success. Counting members, guests, vendors and staff, there were over 1,000 people who attended our meeting. We broke yet another record.
  • The Education Committee has worked to evaluate and select an on-line CME provider, which the Quality & Safety Committee will pilot beginning in January of 2018.
  • Our website redesign and update has been approved the Board and will begin in the next few months.
  • The Communications Committee has been incredibly active and, in conjunction with our professionals at Kellen, has increased our social media presence, shared our expertise with national media outlets, and in general facilitated our ability to influence the field of out of hospital medicine.
  • The Standards and Practice Committee has produced many pertinent publications, both as stand alone from our organization as well as in cooperation with our partners where appropriate.
  • The Program and Research committees have worked to assure we have an outstanding experience at our Annual Meeting.
  • The Advocacy Committee has worked tirelessly to move the Protecting Patient Access to Emergency Medications Act of 2017 toward passage as well as laid the foundation for the formation of our Political Action Committee.
2017 has been a terrific year for NAEMSP®.  We look forward to a great year ahead, as we enjoy enhanced educational offerings, improved web and social media presence, and the maturation of our advocacy efforts to include formation of a Political Action Committee (PAC).  We will be placing more information regarding our PAC on the website in the near future and will announce to the membership once those materials are available.​

J Brent Myers, MD, MPH
NAEMSP® President