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​In July 1998, Prehospital Emergency Care was accepted for indexing in Index Medicus, by the National Library of Medicine. The indexing is retroactive to the first issue, January, 1997. The Journal is also listed in the computerized/online version of the index, MEDLINE. This means that all work published in Prehospital Emergency Care will now be retrievable worldwide by anyone searching these databases. 

In addition to the membership in the above associations, Prehospital Emergency Care also has over 500 non-member subscribers. 

This current and informative Journal provides a scientific venue for all NAEMSP® members and is included with your membership fee. The mission of the Journal is to foster and disseminate EMS literature of the highest quality. The Editorial Board is comprised of nationally renowned EMS physicians and professionals. The Journal features original research, NAEMSP® Position Papers, Case Conferences, Collective Reviews and Editorials. 

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NAEMSP is excited present our PEC Podcast Series! ​
Our podcast issues include:
  • Episode IV: Dr. Daniel Patterson, Dr. Kevin Munjal, and Deputy Director/Chief of Clinical Affairs Michael Bachman who were all highlighted at the NAEMSP 2015 Conference in New Orleans. 
  • Episode III:  ​Dr. John Holcomb's article, "Prehospital Transfusion of Plasma and Red Blood Cells in Trauma Patients "
  • Episode II: Dr. Brent Myers discusses an article the Wake County EMS System published titled, " Retrospective Validation of a Protocol to Limit Unneceessary Transport of Assisted-living Residents Who Fall."​ 
  • Episode I:  Blair Bigham,MSc, ACPf,  Dr. Susan Collins and Dr. Craig Newgard are interviewed about their respective articles in PEC.
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