Response Preparation - Community Assessments

Important considerations in community assessments include threats, targets, and vulnerabilities.

Geographic barriers to responses should be included and considered such as rivers, bridges, mountain or terrain challenges and vulnerable routes. Incorporating “what if” planning facilitates creative planning and thinking of how responses will need to be altered or adapted if frequent routes are destroyed or lost as well as hindered responses through congested trafficked routes or infrastructures.

Placement, location, capability and availability of both equipment and human resources are also important in these planning meetings. Additional equipment or training may be necessary for the responders. Community resources may provide the expertise in these training requirements which also facilitates the multi-agency cooperative environment. If a resource is not available in a community, such as a Hazardous Materials team, investigating where the nearest available unit is located should be incorporated in preplanning as well as secondary planning if that resource is already being utilized and unavailable. Contact numbers and multiple methods for contact may be included in this assessment plan keeping in mind that normal communications methods such as telephones may be overwhelmed with a large event.

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